Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda Massage Treatments

A cool flower bath can be added at the end of any treatment for Total Relaxation 15mins to 45mins - Rs. 2400/=
» Full Body Massage - Including foot, head and face. 60 mins / Rs.7600
» Body Massage 45 mins / Rs. 6000
» Back Massage 25 mins / Rs. 4200
» Neck, Shoulder and back Massage 30 mins / Rs. 4700
» Head Massage 20 mins / Rs. 3800
» Face Massage with Aloe Vera Cream 15 mins / Rs. 3000
» Face with aloe vera cream and oil head massage 40 mins / Rs. 4800
» Foot Massage 20 mins / Rs. 3200
» Foot and Leg Massage 30 mins / Rs. 4600
» Hand Massage 20 mins / Rs. 3200
» Hand and Arm Massage 30 mins / Rs. 4700

with notice i can prepare a specific herbal pack for joint pains par- ticularly effective for shoulder, neck, back and legs Rs. 3500/=
(Massage can do done in conjunction with pack at extra cost)

  • Rs. 8000 70 mins

    Recommended for relaxation, muscle pain and moisturizing the skin. Oil body massage first and then hot coconut milk rice packs dipped in fresh milk are pressed into the skin all over the body

  • Rs. 6800 40 mins

    Effective for the depression, headaches and general wellbeing. Warm oil is continuously poured slowly onto the third eye finishing with a light head and neck massage

  • Rs. 4800 30 mins

    Recommended for stiff muscles, joint pain and arthritis. Hot herbal rice pack is pressed and massaged into the neck and shoulder joints and then warm oil is massaged in to relieve any tension.

  • Rs. 4600 40 mins

    Head massage while pack is on and 10mins face massage with aloe vera cream.

After Care

• Increase the fluid intake with water, herbal tea and fruit juice
• Rest for a few hours and avoid strenuous exercise and hot bath/shower warm is ok
• Avoid caffeine, alcohol, large meals and smoking afterwards
Plus 10% service charge